Sunday, April 22, 2018

A Single on Monday and a Triple Header on Friday.

He was Polish (still is). Young. And saddled with RSD and MERSA. Waiting for knee surgery he doesn't want. Right-sided pain from his neck to his knee. To much area to cover with needles. Unless you go Micro. Like in Microsystems. Like in scalp. I was convinces the first time I saw Dr. Zhu in action. At a training in Chicago in the '90's.
Upstairs in a bank building in Boystown. The kid was a victim of a drive-by. Carrying 6 bullets around his spine. He had to white-knnuckle the  arms of his wheelchair just to keeep from swaying side to side. In 5 minutes Zhu had him standing up for the first time in a couple of years. With the help of several of us. And an 8 needle mosaic, in the shape of a face-up homunculus, from the his hair line to the apex of his head. Found by putting one's thumbs on the tip of the ear, and stretching the index fingers to touch each other on top. "Think of the needle as a bucket you are pulling up and lowering down a well," Zhu said, through his translator, "And never pull the needle, and the patient's sick qi into the palm of your hand." Pointers I still practice.  But back to this past Monday, and the young tattooed Pole.

I decided to treat him Zhu style. Since it was his first time, I used only 4 needles. One at the Middle Warmer area, to amp up his energy. And then one slid along his right arm point and another along his right leg point. Then I did my favorite manuerver, jockying him, caneless, by the busy Pain Residents lined up at their work station, facing the corridor we treaded. He muttering, " I can't beleieve this, This is great."  From there I boldly displayed him, with his joyful consent, to the 10 new Pain Fellow Candidates gathered in the conference room, where Dr. Linda was talking about the integrateive aspect of our clinic. And voila, there I show up with evidence. They were Mesmerized.

Because treatment space in short supply, I'll tag team him with Dr. Linda nextime.  A Psychologist I do "Simutaneous Therapy" with. I work above the brain with acupuncture. She works on the brain with Mindfullness. At the same time. We work togther for addiction and Xerostomia patients as well. Using the Auricular Microsystem. I work on the ears. She works between them.

(to be continued, with Friday's 3 Zhu Scalp Aucupuncture Patients treated the same time. They actually interacted with each other, needles deployed)

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