Monday, March 12, 2018

How do you spell relief, when they turned off the opiod faucet?

This 38 year old African American male had 3 surgerieslast year. Right shoulder in April. Back in June.  And Neck in December. Five days before Christmas. His pain meds got shut off January 29th. Happy New Year. He showed up around Chinese New Years for Acupuncture. Year of the Dog.
 I love Dogs. It spells God backwards. The Asian Astrological virtues are incredible. I've raised and showed Ridgebacks, brought up Afghans, Collies, Labs, Blue Healers, Standard Poodles, Staffordshires, and now a Dutch Collie puppy that's smarter then most people I know. Sometimes. Scary. And definately smareter than the folks that would drug this guy up 3 times for surgery, and between surgeries,  in the space of 10 months, and then  say......
  "Surprise! We're turning off the joy juice. Because we have to. Sorry.  But let's see if acupunctue can pull the rabbit our of the hat for you."

He;s been ridden hard and put away wet. But your turn, go ahead now, put some needles in him. We used to call that a hospital pass  in sand-lot football.  Shove it off  to the sap next to you just before you get hit.We don't know how or if it's going to work. But give it a shot.

I did. It did. Work. About 10,000 worth of out-patients a day. In China we would see him 3 to 5 times a week for a month or more.

Over here my interns and I are lucky to see him monthly.  There it's 5 bucks a treatment. They're still trying to figure it out over here. A penny a needle and 10 minutes of time.  Go figure. I used Zhu's scalp system to jump start this patient to less pain. . And added Chinese Carryout of ASP needles on the ear  Battlefield Acupuncture Points for carryover. With a lttle sprinkle of Sotai Corrective Exercises on the side. Go figure.


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