Sunday, June 26, 2016

And then he kissed her hand!

He was a first-timer. Never had acupuncture before. All 325 pounds of him. And he had a heap of hurt. And I had a newbie acupuncturist. Very tentative. Particularly when it came to Sacred Turtle Abdominal Acupuncture. Shipsley wrote a book recently about it's use in his clinics in London and Dublin. Published by Singing Dragon. It works. A lot.
So I had her watch our Neuralogist/Acupuncturist intern from Mongolia. She's good at Sacred Turtle. And we had used  it last week for 8 out 20 patients. For back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and the teethgrinding immobility that goes with them.

The Newbie and I conferred about the big guy's intense hand and foot pain. And what  5 points she should needle on his Hara (Japanese for  belly).  So I decided to run the table (5 ball in middle pocket). I directed the new intern  back into the treatment room, fortified with 2 viewings of the Mongolian's handiwork.
After her maiden-flight Sacred Turtle Treatment she burst breathlessly back into my office. "He had no pain for the first time in 5 month," she exclaimed. "And he kissed my hand!"  "Trained monkeys can do it," I replied. Quoting an admonition used by Dr. Michael Smith during my NADA training 30 years ago.