Sunday, June 10, 2018


Our Post Anesthesia Care Unit has 3 Stages: Pre-Surg.; Post Surg.Phase I; Post Surg. Phade II. Phase I patient come back from surgery to be managed before returning to inpatient care.  Phase II  are in step-down for discharge in 6 to 8 hours. Our mission was described as managing both groups for Pain and Nausea, using optional acupuncture as a means to be able to influence the reduction of the strength, dosing frequency and duration of pain medication following surgery.

Prety straight forward. We had worked out protocols over the last 7 years downstairs in the Pain Management Clinic. Treating Head, Neck, Back, Shoulder, Hip, Knee Ankle & Abdomnal Pain. Resuliing from the trauma of GSW's, Stabbing, Beating, Burning, MVA's and Surgery. Down there we used needles. Up here in PACU we mostly use Ear Seeds (quick and non-invasive). Three weeks in we are seeing significant VAS Pain Reduction.

Here's what else we are treating with Ear Seed Stimulation:  Low Blood Pressure, Low Respiration Rate, Slow Return to Conssiousness, Depression, Hysteria. Plus Pain and Nausea. And my last case of the week was Pre-Surg. Treating to prevent nausea following surgery. I will know tomorrow how that worked. That's what Acupuncture can mean in PACU.  Lower dose pain meds less frequently. Bingo.