Wednesday, July 4, 2012


He came to the PTSD Clinic with a death sentence for his leg.  The VA docs said he would continue to lose function and gain pain from the gift of shrapnel stitched in his right thigh and groin from a landmine 30 years ago. Later he had rolled a jeep and crushed his shoulder.  For some fluke of fate he had gotten significant relief of that on a riverboat cruise in China, from a boat- bound acupuncturist who used a combination of bone-setting, needles and tuina massage to make it whole.  Hope from that is what drove him to my doorstep at the National teaching clinic.  One scalp needle got rid of the pain and restored function in minutes. His follow-up 2 days later confirmed he had gotten 75% improvement with that first salvo.  Treatment two focused on the shoulder with a needle through St 38 to Bl 57 points with similar results, followed by the 5 NADA ear points for the deeper, PTSD scars.  He, his wife, his farm (he sits on his tractor without pain) and his VA friends are thankful beneficiaries.  Happy July 4th ya'll.