Friday, January 22, 2016

Acting Like A Cripple (cont'd)

The second time back the Champ  brought his daughter, his biggest fan, and cheerleader. She watched as I threaded needles through the Zhu back and hip points on his scalp again. This time we did one leg standing, then the other.  Then one legged semi squats. This time he had a family witness. No backsliding. Someone who knows who he is when he forgets.

 The hospital where he was hurt wants to make nice. Do another surgery. He wants nothing to do with it. He's gone on facebook, and the surgeons are getting concerned,  running a little scared. Sooner or later, as he continues to improve, he will get pressed up under the horns of a dilemma. Get  better, and miss Payday for Malpractice, or back-off the breakthroughs of recovery, and finesse the difference in payback for pain and suffering. (the way not to get impaled on the horns of a dilemma is to grab one of them fiercely ).

He has had a lot of that (suffering).  Stuck in a wheel chair having food spooned into his mouth,  in-between sucking down Narco. That's  when I turned him on to Tolle's The Power of Now. And asked him how good he could stand it.?

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