Monday, May 21, 2018


Ben/Biao. Roots and Branches. Causes and Symptoms. The symptoms were sciatica down the left leg.. It started after her back surgery.  Five years ago. She had a breakout of shingles following surgery. From her hip to her ankle. Ben. Inflaming the sciatic nerve. Biao. Heat. What do you do to cool heat? Bleed.

The points? The tip of the ear. The apex. I used a lancet and then squeezed a few drops of blood from it. The other point, Governing Vessel 14. The intersection of all the Yang Meridins. Again, pricked with a lancet and squeezed a few drops of blood out. Relief. After 5 years of suffering. Cooling heat. Inflammation. Restoring functkon.

 Without drugs. Without side-effects. I learned the technique from a Korean Acupuncturists in the Western burbs years ago whose name I forget. Two days after the first patient I saw another patient with the same problem. And used the same solution. It worked. Thank you Seoqsa!


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